How to take care of yourself during your period

I bet I know what your favorite time each month is… And I bet it’s every week except the week of your cycle. Let’s be honest here: How to take care of yourself during period “that time of the month” just isn’t fun. 

I remember the tampon and pad commercials from my teen years — images of red-lipped women in white pants on a cruise ship, sipping their mixed drink, laughing and talking, like they didn’t have a care in the world. Or the teenage girls in bikinis who jumped into the swimming pool with their friends, like a tampon made that possible.

10 Ways on How to Take care of Yourself During your Period

Here are the list on how to take care of yourself during period;

1.   Take it Easy 

how to take care of yourself during your periodWhether the roughest part of the month for you is the first day of your period or the couple of days before it, taking it easy is one way on how to take care of yourself during period.

The most uncomfortable day for me is the first day of my period. I feel crampy and sluggish and just plain tired. I don’t feel like cooking elaborate meals or cleaning the house from top to bottom or running errands. Periods will arrive every month so it is nothing to worry about just take it easy and enjoy the life.

2.  Secret Sabbath

how to take care of yourself during your periodFor the past several months, I have made the first day of my period my “Secret Sabbath”. A Sabbath is simply a day of rest and reflection. I feel very introverted and introspective on the first day of my period. I need a day of inward-focused thought and time to myself.

A Secret Sabbath — a once-a-month embrace of my body’s need for rest — just feels right. As unpleasant as a period can be, I actually look forward to my Secret Sabbath each month. It’s like my own mini vacation in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

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3.  Proper Nutrition

how to take care of yourself during your periodThis is the time in your cycle when it’s extra essential to load up on nutrient-rich foods. That means tons of protein and healthy fats. You’ll also want to eat a good amount of low-glycemic-index veggies and fruit to keep your blood sugar stable while providing your body with much-needed fiber and antioxidants.

As you bleed, you’ll also be losing Iron and zinc, so it’s important to remineralize your body with foods like seafood, kelp. And if you’re craving something warm and soothing, you can’t go wrong with healthy stews and soups.

4.  Indulge in some extra body love

how to take care of yourself during your periodThe rule to remember here is that every woman is different. Some love to get freaky on their periods, and others prefer to pass on sex. Tune into what you’re truly wanting. If you do decide to get sexy, remember to use lube;

Many women think menstruation means extra lubrication, but the low hormones will actually leave your vagina dry. If you opt not to hit the sack with a partner, use this time to romance yourself. Have a spa day, read a book, and truly pamper your body—it’s performing an incredible feat and deserves extra love!

5.  Light exercise

how to take care of yourself during your periodThere’s no denying all the physical and mood-boosting benefits of exercise, but it’s best to take it easy during this time of the month.  Try to avoid strenuous activities like cross fit, boot camps, spinning, running, or anything else that can put stress on the ligaments surrounding your uterus. 

Instead, opt for some gentler exercises like yoga, stretching, and walking. It is one way on how to take care of your self during period. These types of exercises can actually help to improve menstrual flow, and in turn, reduce pain.

6.  Take a Warm bath

how to take care of yourself during your periodWarm baths work wonders for menstrual cramps. So why not try one as an option on how to take care of yourself during your period? I promise you it won’t look like a shark attack if you don’t wear one though.

In my experience, that’s never been an issue. Anyway, you can drop some essential oils (lavender oil!) in your bath to produce an even more calming effect. You can also throw in a luxurious bath bomb, play some relaxing music, and brew a cup of tea for the ultimate spa day. Because, yes, you can still treat yo’self to an at home spa day when you’re on your period!

7.  Taking Tea

how to take care of yourself during your periodDrinking tea is one of my favorite simple self care practices for any time of the month. Yeah, I love coffee, but tea is a much better option while you’re on your period for a few different reasons. When your uterus is practically falling out, the goal is to relax and be calm, and we all know coffee does the exact opposite of that.

There are many different teas with calming properties that are perfect for when you’re on your period, such as chamomile and peppermint. Rose tea is another one commonly used for soothing menstrual cramps. Chamomile tea is also effective for menstrual cramps because it relaxes your muscles.

8.  Use a heating Pad or a warmth cloth for your crumps

how to take care of yourself during your periodI get pretty bad cramps on the first day of my period. Sometimes i feel like world war III is going down there, and i can barely walk. I use a heating pad that i can throw in the microwave for about a minute and then apply it to my abdomen, back, or legs.

Another option is to use a warm wash cloth. This doesn’t stay hot as long, but you can add some essential oils to it to pump up the relaxing effects. Add lavender, or peppermint oil to your warm compress to reduce stress and cramping! Harness the power of essential oils for your period girl, you deserve the best.

9.  Essential Oils

how to take care of your self during your periodUse clary sage and frankincense essential oils throughout the month to help support your reproductive hormones. Peppermint oil can provide much-needed pain relief. Rub it on your lower abdomen for cramps, on your lower back for pain, or on the back of your neck to relieve a headache.

Add a drop of lemon oil to your water as a natural diuretic to help eliminate bloating and water weight. This will also help if you find yourself a bit constipated right before your period starts.

10.  Connect with your inner crone

how to take care of yourself during your periodMenstruation, being both the beginning and end of the cycle, is connected to our inner Crone; the wise, all-knowing, experienced figure within. When I’m bleeding, I have such a sense of authority and grounded wisdom

I feel my Crone strongly!  A great question to journal on is: what advice would my 85 year old self have for me right now? What wisdom does your inner Crone have for you?

Signs that your period is coming

You may notice signs that your period is coming for a week or 2 before it starts. Most of these signs go away soon after each period begins. You may have some, all, or none of the signs listed below.

  • All worn out.
  • Tender, swollen breasts.
  • You have cramps.
  • keeping track.
  • You are bloated and gassy.
  • You have a headache.
  • You are having mood swings.

10 ways to Relieve period cramps

how to take care of yourself during your period

  1. Improving Your Diet Will Help Alleviate Period Cramp.
  2. Pop a safe painkiller to cut the inflammation.
  3. Try fish oil and vitamin B1 for natural relief.
  4. Massage with essential oil to relief the pain.
  5. curl up with the heating pad to ease period cramps.
  6. Add herbs with your diet.
  7. Visit a chiropractor.
  8. Drink water.
  9. Get acupuncture.
  10. Feed your body and soul with good things.

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