How to speak English fluently and confidently with 10 easy tips

You want to learn how to speak English fluently but do not know how to start? Here are tips to speak English fluently. Do you still feel nervous about speaking English to others even though you’ve spent a long-time studying English? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Just like you, many people who are learning English don’t practice speaking as often as they want to because they’re afraid they will make a mistake or be laughed at. If you want to improve your English, you need to be confident in your abilities.

  1. Start with believing in yourself
  2. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes
  3. Don’t worry about grammar
  4. Remember the answer is in the question
  5. Try some public speaking
  6. Make the mirror your best friend
  7. Join online conversation groups
  8. Don’t go overboard
  9. Read texts loud out
  10. Practice till it makes you perfect

How to Speak English fluently and confidently - yahyamcp

10 How to speak English fluently in 10 days

  1. Start with believing in yourself

believe in yourself - How to speak english fluently

“I was afraid to speak. I was scared people would make fun of me. Will they judge me?

One day, I thought if so many people can, even I can. So, I spoke in English and my confidence increased.”

  1. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

Mistake - How to speak english fluently

Sometimes it can be difficult to put all those rules and words together into a simple sentence. Don’t let the fear of saying something wrong stop you from speaking at all. Even if you think you’re making a mistake, keep speaking anyway.

Most of the time, people will understand what you’re trying to say, even if you make a mistake. Plus, the more you speak, the easier it gets, and the more quickly the right words will come to mind.

  1. Don’t worry about the grammar

Grammar - How to speak english fluently

The key to learning a language is finding a balance between studying and practicing. Speaking English fluently doesn’t means knowing perfect English grammar. Even native English speakers make grammar mistakes.  But, what they do right, is communicate without worrying about them.

  1. Remember the answer is in the question

Blackboard with chalk

Questions are like mirrors. Reverse the question, and find the answer. Listen carefully when someone asks you a question in English and you’ll answer perfectly every time.

  • Does he…?                               yes, he does
  • Is it….?                                     Yes, it is
  • Can you…?                               yes, I can

If someone asks you a question and you’re not sure how to answer, start by thinking about the words used in the question.  The person has already said most of the words you need to make your answer. Instead of just memorizing English grammar, start to look for patterns like this one. There are a lot of simple ways to “cheat” and make it easier to remember the right words.

  1. Try some public speaking

Public Speakaing - yahyamcp

Public speaking events can really test how good your speaking skills have gotten, so, give them a try whenever you can. You don’t have to only learn English from textbooks and teachers – anyone who speaks English can help you practice. Talk in English everywhere outside with any one. Go to public events try to speak English without hesitation, in this way you can improve more.

When you spend your time in places where English is spoken, your speaking skills will inevitably improve. Seek out places where English speakers gather.

  1. Make the mirror your best friend

take Mirror you best friend - yahyamcp

Speak to it in English, and it will make you feel confident about the way you are speaking.

If you’d imagine yourself as someone else in front of the mirror and talk then it is going to improve your talking skills and besides you will develop an unexpected confidence which would help you in other activities as well. Try this method or you may call it a technique which helps you to overcome the problem of speaking English.

  1. Join online conversation groups

Online Conversation groups

There are hundreds of language conversation groups online. These websites are a great option because you are able to converse with a native or near-native English speaker right in the comfort of your own home. It will help you a lot on how to speak English fluently.

Programs such as skype or google talk are such a best option to consider as many people around the world already use these programs. To make the most effective use of your time, determine a topic before actually meeting up. You can prepare by looking up related vocabulary or any questions you want to ask. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the experience.

  1. Don’t go Overboard

Dont go overboard

The faster you try to learn English, the more pressure you will put on yourself. The key is to ease into learning English with less pressure. You will feel less nervous when you will make mistakes.

Break your goal down into smaller steps. For example, if you want to learn 100 new words each month, can you focus on learning 25 new words a week? Does it sound easier if you focus on learning 5 new words a day? If you can’t learn 5 words a day so just try to learn 2 or 3 words a day. In these ways you can’t feel much pressure.

  1. Read texts out loud

Read Message Loud Out - yahyamcp

Reading fluency is simply the ability to read a book or text clearly. You correct your pronunciation mistakes until you make no errors.

The more you practice fluency the more confidence you will have because it gives you a safe environment to practice in, increase your reading speed, and to process words faster.

If you are nervous about speaking in front of others, start reading aloud by yourself at home. As you feel more confident, ask a teacher or a native English speaker to give you feedback on more advanced vocabulary.

  1. Practice till it makes you perfect

Practice English - yahyamcp

There are no shortcuts in life. Definitely, no shortcuts to learn English. English is everywhere. It’s in online videos, news channels, on radio. So, listen and build your vocabulary. Keep your fear of new English words away.

When you spend your time in places where English is spoken, your speaking skills will inevitably improve. Seek out places where English speakers gather.

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Learn How to speak English fluently Fast with easy steps while you are alone

  • Writing, reading, listening these skills can all be practiced alone easily.
  • Whenever you are at home talk to yourself and practice speaking English.
  • Try some English tongue twister alone at home.
  • Try learning some new words.
  • Watch videos of popular songs online.
  • Try thinking in English alone.
  • Learn to say things in your own way.
  • Practice speaking in English whenever you get a chance.

And Listen a little. Speak a little. Read a little. Write a little. Then, listen a little more. Speak a little more. Read a little more. Write a little more. Do this, till it becomes a habit.


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