Best Free VoIP Apps For Android 2018 – Enjoy Free call Apps for Android

Here are the best free VoIP Apps for android 2018 to download and install on your android phones and enjoy unlimited calls. Messenger call, Viber call, WhatsApp, Tango and VoIP calling (Voice Over IP) – enjoy VoIP free calls now

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice Over IP) basically it allows you to make free calls over the internet. And it allows you to save lots of money that you spend on calls. In today’s technology, human life has become so affected by digital technology where human can easily talk with each other from miles away. Not only VoIP Allows you to make calls but it has very strong and unique connections and are better than the mobile network calls. These days, everywhere we can find a Wi-Fi network available and we can easily get connected Via VoIP calls for free

If you have an Android phone and enjoy Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE connectivity, then you should install and use these apps to communicate with your friends and family around the world without paying anything. Note that for 3G and LTE, you need to consider the cost of connectivity for the data plan. 

Best Free VoIP apps for Android 2018 free download - yahyamcp

Best Free VoIP Apps for Android 2018

  1. Facebook Messenger

Best free voip Apps for android 2018 - messenger

Download Messenger on Google Play

The app is simply called Messenger and is from Facebook. It allows Facebook users to communicate among them. It is not the same things as the Facebook app. It only allows instant messaging and free calling, along with some communication-related features. You can talk for free unlimited with other Facebook users who use the app, and can call any other phone at VoIP rates. And it is considered as the best free VoIP apps for Android 2018

The quality is, of course, determined by your Internet connection speeds. Other than that, it works well enough. The app is a quite heavy on resource usage.

  1. WhatsApp

Best free voip Apps for android 2018 - WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp on Google Play

WhatsApp is another most popular messaging platform which allows you to have free and unlimited calls with your friends and family across the globe. Now it has more than a million users all over the world. And it has unique protection which is called End to End data Encryption. It has a user friendly features which allows you to invite your friends. It also includes attachment, Multimedia support and much more

  1. Skype

Best free voip Apps for android 2018 - Skype

Download Skype on Google Play

Skype is one of most using VoIP App across the world. It includes direct support from Microsoft and Facebook. Another feature is, Skype is that it also allows you to have a landline calls with a normal fee. This App let you connect multiple devices like phone and desktop App. It has a very unique and easy feature to use and enjoy the free unlimited VoIP calls and video chat, sending attachments and much more. You obviously will have fun with this App. The same this App is among the best Free VoIP Apps for Android 2018

  1. Viber Messenger

Best free voip Apps for android 2018 - Viber

Download Viber Messenger on Google Play

Viber is a free VoIP App which is used in various places in this world. It was very popular at first, but later on this app loses some of its users, but still it has a huge amount of users all across the world. This App allows you to make video calls and messages on the internet for free. It has quite easy and simple user interface and anyone can use it

One of The Best Free VoIP apps for android device is the Google Hangouts

  1. Google Hangouts

Best free voip Apps for android 2018 - Hangouts

Download Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the best VOIP apps. It is primarily for texting, sending pictures. However, it also supports video calls, voice calls, and group calls. It is among the best free VoIP apps for android 2018. There is even an option to connect your Google Voice number for actual phone calls, SMS texting, and voicemail. Google Duo is better if you just need voice and video calls. Google Hangouts is better if you need the complete package. It’s also entirely free with no in-app purchases or advertising.

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