Top 7 Best Free Spyware Removal Tool 2018

Spyware is a form of malware that tries to steal information from you without you knowing or approving. It could come and act like a third party program and work behind the screen. It will track your browsing data and most dangerous thing about spyware, is it can get your Bank Account and Email Password easily. And it will monitor your every single act. That’s why it’s very important to install any spyware removal software’s and keep your information secure.

At this time your computer might be suffering from a spyware infection if your system performance has affected. Especially if strange pop-ups are showing up, websites are redirecting to places you don’t want to go, email contacts are getting odd spam messages that appear to be from you, or you’re a victim monitoring.

I have hand picked the top 7 best free spyware removal software’s that can scan your Hard disk, Flash drive or External hard drive to remove spyware completely from your system. Some of them are working automatically behind the screen and some are working manually and you need to scan your affected drive every week by yourself. And after installing one of these spyware removal software’s listed below will make you sure that spyware can’t modify your computer or monitor your information.

Note: All the programs mentioned below are known to scan for spyware, but they might not scan for other things like viruses. Other scanners remove some kinds of malware but not spyware, so we’ve omitted those from this list.

1.    SypwareBlaster – Our first pick Spyware removal

SpywareBlaster download spyware removal tool - yahyamcp


SpywareBlaster is one of the most powerful software used for removing spyware from your system.  It doesn’t scan for existing spyware, though true to its name, it does “blast” new threats before they can reach your system.

The way it works is that you can enable protection for your web browsers to protect against malicious scripts, exploits, and cookies that track your web behavior. It does this by enabling a pre-made list of blockades (which you can update manually at any time) against certain websites, cookies, and scripts.

Download SpywareBlaster

2.    Trend Micro HouseCall

Trend Micro HouseCall download spyware removal tool - yahyamcp

Trend Micro HouseCall

The Trend Micro HouseCall is very simple and effective tool that fights against spyware that attack your system from unknown recourses. And it is very light software, it takes low space on your disk and works really amazing. It’s so famous because of its performance. its our second picked spyware removal tool

Download Trend Micro HouseCall

3.    Adaware

Adaware spyware - yahyamcp



Adaware is another anti-spyware program that actively blocks new threats as well as scans the computer for existing ones. It has a clean, new design and isn’t hard to use.

This program is unlike some anti-spyware tools because it does update on its own and can even run a full system scan on a schedule.

While it doesn’t provide an active web, email, or network protection, when it comes to spyware, you can be confident that it will do everything it can to stop and remove those threats.

Download Adaware

4.    AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG AntiVirus free - yahyamcp

AVG AntiVirus

AVG is another popular antivirus program that serves as a full malware scanner, checking for and removing not only spyware but also ransomware, viruses, and more… All automatically and for free.

AVG provides not only protection for your computer, but also for your web activity and email. You can perform a full system scan, a boot-time scan, or a custom scan, but there’s also a dedicated button that instantly starts a check for spyware on all your removable devices.

Another unique feature in AVG is its Deep Scan option that runs a much slower but also more thorough scan, a good option if nothing else seems to get rid of the spyware. You can configure it to recognize files by their content and not their extension, which is ideal if the spyware is using a hidden/false file extension.

Download AVG AntiVirus Free

5.    Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus - yahyamcp

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast can detect and remove spyware before you even know it’s on your computer. What makes it different than the two from above is that it’s always on and always watching for new threats.

There are lots of settings you can adjust in Avast, like to enable CyberCapture to block unrecognized files, use Hardened Mode to really lock down on security, scan for potentially unwanted programs, scan from Windows Explorer, exclude files/folders/URLs from scans, and lots more.

Download Avast Free Antivirus

6.    Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes anti spyware software - yahyamcp



Malwarebytes is another big-hitter when it comes to cleaning up spyware. It’s easy to use and tends to find a lot more malicious items than similar programs.

It scans through registry values and keys, files, and running processes, plus includes a heuristics analyzer to find potentially unwanted programs.

When the scan is complete, it’s really easy to tell where the spyware was found, and selecting the ones to quarantine is just a click or two away.

Download Malwarebytes

7.    SUPERAntispyware

SUPER Antispyware - yahyamcp

SUPER Antispyware

SUPERAntiSpyware updates often, installs and scans quickly, and gives you complete control over what gets scanned. It works so fast and it is very easy and simple to use.

SUPERAntiSpyware can scan the whole computer or just parts of it where spyware normally exists. You can also run a Critical Point Scan to delete spyware that’s currently running in memory or use the Custom Scan option to pick what gets scanned and where to check (flash drives, internal/external hard drives, select folders, etc.).

Download SUPERAntispyware

Note: Most of these professional anti-spyware programs can be tried for free for a week or so, usually up to 30 days, so make sure to check those out before committing to purchasing something.

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