6 Best SQL Server Monitoring Tools In 2018

SQL Server Monitoring Tools is important because SQL Server provides a service in a dynamic environment. The data in the application changes. The type of access that users require changes. The way that users connect changes. You may store a lot of important files on your database server so you have to monitor the status of your SQL server and database just in case there is something strange or mistakes that can damage your network system. 

The types of applications accessing SQL Server may even change, but SQL Server automatically manages system-level resources, such as memory and disk space, to minimize the need for extensive system-level manual tuning. Monitoring lets administrators identify performance trends to determine if changes are necessary. Therefore, you must choose the best SQL server monitoring tools so that you can monitor your database server and can overcome quickly if there is a problem. Here are 6 best SQL server monitoring tools that you can consider to install.

To monitor any component of SQL Server effectively:

  1. Determine your monitoring goals.
  2. Select the appropriate tool.
  3. Identify components to monitor.
  4. Select metrics for those components.
  5. Monitor the server.
  6. Analyze the data

Best SQL Server Monitoring Tools List

1.  Monitis: Monitor the Heart of your infrastructure


Server monitoring service from Monitis protects the epicenter of your IT service. Get broad visibility over your servers’ health and performance. And because Monitis is cloud-based, you will be able to monitor all those processes at any time and from anywhere, saving you time and avoiding late night and weekend emergencies.

Monitis Key Features

  • Native agents for Windows and Linux
  • CPU, Memory, Storage and Disk, Network Bandwidth
  • Processes and services
  • SNMP devices
  • TCP protocols: UDP, SIP, IMAP, POP, SMTP, etc.
  • WAN links
  • Down to 1 minute checks

2.  Detecta: Download SQL Server Monitoring Tools

detecta Sql Server monitoring tools

Detecta delivers comprehensive SQL Server Monitoring within the convenience of a cloud based solution:

  • Easy to Install
  • No hardware requirements
  • Cost Effective
  • Time Saving
  • No Custom Scripts

C Level Executive

  • Detecta SQL Server Monitor provides a cost-effective tool for monitoring your SQL Server environments, providing you with the confidence that key application repositories are behaving as expected.

Database Administrator

  • How much time do you spend reviewing daily emails and managing your custom scripts? Detecta SQL Server Monitoring tool provides an effective tool for monitoring your SQL Server environments

System Administrator

  • The sys admin role is one of the more complex within any organisation, adding the requirement to support a complex database like SQL Server increases the demands of the role.

3.  Syskit: Take Control over your server environment

syskit SQL server monitoring tools

SysKit Monitor is a powerful server monitoring and administration tool. It supports Windows Servers, Citrix XenApp, RDS, RD Gateways, and workstations. Use it to track user activities, diagnose server performance problems, and monitor application usage on your servers. All the server monitoring data you need is collected and presented using one tool – SysKit Monitor

Application Usage Monitoring

  • Track application usage on your servers to find out which users were using certain applications and for how long. Determine the most used applications, number of application instances and concurrent application usage. Find out if employees are using published applications effectively and during their working hours.

Server Performance Moniroting

  • Real-time server performance reports enable you to monitor all important metrics, such as CPU, memory, and disk usage, as well as specific metrics such as SQL transactions, current IIS connections or current IIS anonymous users. Stop performance issues before they lead to sluggish server response times or even service crashes.

Monitor User Activity

  • Keep track of RDP connections accompanied by useful remote user session reports. Stay on top of user logons, logoffs and remote connections to servers to see who’s doing what, where and when. Audit user activity to determine the number of users in given timeline and detect your most active or idle users


4.  Spiceworks: SQL Server Monitoring Software

spiceworks SQL Server Monitoring tools

Looking for a simplified means of keeping an eye on your SQL Servers? Spiceworks lets you stay on top of performance so that you’ll detect issues before your users do… all for free!

Get fully automated SQL database monitoring. Spiceworks automatically retrieves information about SQL databases on your network (SQL Server 2005 and higher). Health checks are run every minute to ensure info is always accurate and up-to-date. With Spiceworks SQL Server Monitoring, you can monitor SQL Server size, connection, speed & more.

5.  Solarwinds: SQL Server Monitoring Tools

solarwinds SQL server Monitoring Tools

Solarwinds provides many free best SQL Server monitoring tools such as monitoring and performance tool, backup & administration, security & compliance, development and database management tools

Key Features

  • Get started typically in minutes
  • Monitor across cloud environments
  • Application-centric monitoring
  • Identify the root cause of application problems
  • Built-in virtualization monitoring
  • Storage performance and health

6.  Lepide: SQl Server Storage Manager

SQL server Monitoring tools 2018 - yahyamcp

The Lepide SQL Server storage manager is a free utility to analyze performance and structure of your SQL Servers, providing complete visibility of storage space and performance. It enables IT, teams, to identify potential issues before they occur quickly.

Key features

  • Removes the need to writing complex SQL Servers and stored procedures
  • Provides real-time alerts based on easy to configure criteria
  • Provides a centralized platform to create consolidated reports of all SQL resources
  • Provides simple graphical displays showing all elements of your SQL servers


We have picked the 6 best SQL server monitoring tools that we know work well. And we know that there are many other SQL server monitoring tools as well that many of you guys who are already working with SQL server performance monitoring tools so please, Let us know in the comment section below. Your ideas would be appreciable

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